Brought to you by Sight Sciences, a leader in minimally invasive approaches to prevalent eye diseases, the SION® Surgical Instrument represents a new chapter in goniotomy innovation and practice.
With its signature bladeless design, SION® was developed with leading ophthalmic surgeons to offer an intuitive surgical experience designed to give you greater control – and confidence – in practice.
Bladeless Design
Featuring a signature bladeless tip, the future-forward engineering of SION® is designed to facilitate a smooth, gentle goniotomy.
At their discretion, surgeons may decide to use SION® in combination with other procedures, such as cataract surgery.
Established Reimbursement
Goniotomy is a proven surgical option with an established reimbursement code.
Precision-engineered via femtosecond laser
Locating feature that provides visual and tactile orientation
Grip Texture
Helps prevent longitudinal slippage
Round Cross Section
Facilitates rotation during procedure

Key Features of SION® Tip

Tissue Collection Window
Facilitates visualization of trabecular meshwork that accumulates in trap of device
Upper Foot
Helps guide trabecular meshwork into trap and tissue collection window
Lower Foot
Guides device along Schlemm’s canal
Where trabecular meshwork is grasped and accumulates during goniotomy
Contributes to grasping of trabecular meshwork
Designed to gently puncture the trabecular meshwork and facilitate access into Schlemm’s canal
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At Sight Sciences, our desire to improve the lives of patients with prevalent eye diseases drives our innovation.

In addition to SION®, we offer the OMNI® Surgical System. This novel and implant-free Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) device can be used in combination with cataract surgery or in a standalone procedure to lower IOP in adult patients with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma.

Visit OMNI Website
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